Why choose us?

Matrix247 has over 750 clients and has intelligently designed call centre platforms for over the last 26 years. We believe in giving your customers a choice in how they wish to communicate with you.

  • Commercially driven & focused.
  • ROI in weeks and months, not years.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Save time and money by reducing manual processes.
  • Mapping your customer journey.
  • Expert integration = competitive advantage.


We work to create strategic partnerships with our clients and share information on how to build a multi-channel communication solution for your customers with a fast-measured?ROI for you.

Your allocated Matrix247 team will work alongside your management team both in planning, execution and on a continual basis to constantly improve measured contact centre KPI?s. Our aim is to make your company as profitable as possible, whilst ensuring your staff and clients? experience in communicating is second to none.



We know the importance of an engaged team powered to be the best they can be every day. We believe in supporting you to power them;

  • Coaching for performance
  • The role of mindset and positivity on performance
  • Communicating for success
  • Developing resilience in a call centre environment

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Achieve maximum return in weeks through innovative Contact Centre Call Handling Applications

Request a demo today, to see for yourself.


    • ?What makes Matrix247 really stand out is the working relationship that we have got. They have spent a lot of time understanding what we need by speaking to us, meeting with us and also looking at the issues that we faced in a go live scenario and ensuring the whole contact centre telephony solution fit for us.?


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    • ?At a time of increasing customer expectation, Matrix247 have given us a telecoms solution that enables seamless customer-focused call handling, giving the firm a real competitive advantage. And we?re saving money in the process!?


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    What’s the process?

    Once you have made an initial enquiry, our process is very straight forward to map your customer journey:


    • We visit your company in order to meet with key members of your team. This helps us gain a full understanding of your existing processes, how you analyse the current performance of your staff and to obtain knowledge on your customer base.
    • We will provide you with solutions by mapping a clear, current customer journey. This will help improve your process to enhance customer engagement going forward.
    • Once a solution is agreed, we will develop and install your bespoke software.
    • We share connections to provide a larger and more positive business network, resulting in potential clients for you.
    • We measure results in order to continue improving your processes and customer experience, with the aim to achieve maximum success and fast return on investment for you.


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