What are contact centre solutions? you may ask?

How frustrating is it when you call a company, tell your life story to the receptionist, repeat it to the customer service agent only for the call to disconnect whilst being transferred to the right person. I know you know what I am talking about?because it has happened to all of us! A lot of communication companies talk about ?contact centre solutions?. However, this would mean a contact centre has a problem in the first place. How do you know what the solution is if you don?t know what the problem is?

Well, what I have explained is a BIG problem most contact centres have with their telephone system.


Don?t worry!

A lot of software is now available which eases pressure on staff and benefits supervisors with real-time information dashboards. These dashboards include reports from telephone calls which include:

  • How many lost calls
  • Average talk time
  • Availability of staff
  • How many calls answered and by who

This information is essential to management allowing them to see who the most successful agents are, and what the customer journey is cradle to grave. Did you know?33% of organisations are not able to track customer journeys?* Don?t be part of that percentage.

If call statistics are not hitting targets, you can see which specific department OR agent isn?t performing and address ways to fix it. This enables the customer journey to be a thought out, engaging and seamless experience for the customer.

Allowing agents to listen to other agents? calls is a huge benefit as they can see how customers and enquiries are being dealt with on the phone.?55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience*. Therefore, listening to call recordings and replicating the best-performing agents improves customer satisfaction and increases profits!

To summarise, your contact centre telephone system should enable your organisation to be agile in the way you interact with customers, deliver a connected customer journey and be easy to use.

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*2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report. Dimension Data