Why Should You Let Your Agents Work From Home

One of the easiest to improve staff satisfaction is to provide them with flexible work options. Today?s workforce is expecting the chance to work from home and luckily, with the right contact centre software and solution, you can make that happen.

Businesses of all sizes are more and more relying on home offices and remote workers for connecting their part and full-time teleworking agents. However, these agents require access to the same services including all the applications, voice, data and multimedia capabilities used at the corporate headquarters or main contact centre location in order to be productive.

Remote working is also about providing agents with the ability to receive routed calls whether on digital, analog, SIP or a mobile phone. This ensures the best customer service regardless of an agent?s location while retaining all key data so supervisors can still measure and manage agent performance just as if they were in the office.

Providing agents the chance to work remotely means:

  • You won?t be confined to the local talent pool, which may get you better candidates.
  • It allows you to have agents work odd hours or split shifts.

For example, if in your contact centre call volumes increase for your business early in the morning and late in the afternoon, you can have some agents who only work during peak times which is something an employee expected to come into an office would rarely agree to.