How to Improve Customer AND STAFF Satisfaction


A priority for 48% of businesses is improving training and coaching.

This is the number 1 employee experience strategy for 2018. Improving the quality of the knowledgebase, which is top-of-mind for 45% of businesses, represents the number 2 staff experience initiative. Other high-ranking initiatives include:


  • Making systems easier to use (42%)*
  • Making metrics clearer and more transparent (41%)
  • Integrating channels (40%)

Disparate channels represent a major problem for customers and staff. Customers hate having to repeat themselves as they move between channels, and your staff hate struggling to gather relevant information as they engage with new customers. By improving channel integration, businesses eliminate these sources of frustration.

If staff have the data they need to perform, the customers with whom they connect will be in a happier, friendlier emotional state. Contact centre staff state below the topics what they want prioritised in 2018.


Delivering Quality Coaching/Training 47%
Increasing Product Knowledge 45%
Making Systems Easier To Use 42%
Making Metrics Clearer 41%
Making Channels More Integrated 41%
Optimising CRM 40%
Managing Workflow 31%
Better Opportunities 30%
Increase Incentives/Rewards 25%
Offer More Opportunities To Provide Feedback 22%
Offer Remote Working 21%
Improve Desktop 21%
Improve Workplace Community 11%
Increase Salaries 9%
Increase Bonuses/Perks 9%
Improve Workspace (Furniture, Hardware) 7%

Sources: CCW Executive Report, ‘Contact Centre Priorities for 2018’.

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