The Client

Byrom plc was established in1991 and employs 70 permanent staff across worldwide locations in Manchester, (HQ) Atlanta, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Byrom plc is a Management and Consultancy company providing organising committees and Rights Holders of major sporting events with turnkey solutions for accommodation, ticketing, IT and transportation. In addition they supply accommodation, ticketing, transportation, hospitality and VIP Management services to the event sponsors, the media, event officials and spectators attending the events.

The Objective

The international upgrade project, part of the company?s preparations for its involvement in a full programme of major sporting events, was specified and implemented by Matrix247.

Byrom?s previous communications set-up consisted of conventional PBXs piggybacked together to provide a total of 30 extensions, supported by an array of paper-based fax machines. To handle future major sporting events with optimum efficiency, the Byrom IT Manager identified the need for a larger and more flexible availability of phone lines, a more streamlined way of dealing with fax and email enquiries, and the use of IP to reduce what he described as the ?astronomical? cost of international phone calls.

The Solution

Matrix247, which had provided maintenance and other services related to Byrom?s previous system, proposed a solution on the grounds of cost benefits and openness. ?This new system represents the best value of the currently available IP enabled systems,? explained Matrix247 CEO Ste Pritchard. ?It also has an open architecture that can interface with virtually any third-party software, so we were able to integrate it to provide a robust? unified messaging service through Outlook.?

Each of Byrom?s offices in Barcelona, Frankfurt and Manchester now has a new system providing toll free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications over the company?s private network. The systems are scalable to cope with additional staff taken on to cover particular events.

Importantly for the future, this solution can extend the entire functionality of host systems ? including operator, voicemail and call routing ? via a secure virtual private network (VPN) over the public Internet. Whenever Byrom establishes temporary remote sites to cater for a particular sporting event, it will be able to connect them transparently to the host system simply by plugging IP handsets into a broadband Internet connection and enjoying all the benefits of automatic configuration. Alternatively, users can opt for IP phones, providing all of the functionality of the physical phone on the user laptop.

The Results

The international installation brought two main benefits to the ticketing agency:

Deployment of IP telephony over Byrom?s existing data network means that all inter-site communications are free of

The unified messaging system enables individuals to work with emails, voicemails and faxes at any site in any country in real time via Outlook?s familiar user interface and the mailbox back in the main office is updated