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Just think, if you have 10 employees with an average salary of ?20,000, we could save you ?348 per day. Based on these savings it would take just 27 days for this system to pay for itself.

The benefit to YOU is that, each day after this, you will be making ?348 per day clear profit AND own the software outright!

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you to provide the best employee AND customer experience within your company, alongside fast ROI.


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This figure is an estimate using industry average metrics. To gain a more accurate figure, it is recommend that we have a discussion to really understand your business operations.

Why Matrix247?

Installing Mitel Contact Centre call handling software in your business greatly benefits supervisors with real-time information dashboards. Employees will achieve fantastic results when using our automated dialing software to increase talk time and productivity on a daily basis. Our software is suitable for inbound and outbound contact centres and improves customer experience.

By adopting multi-channel call handling software, our clients gain many benefits. This includes natural increases in annual profits and satisfied customers.?We improve your employee engagement by developing coaching and communication capabilities, mindset and resilience skills. Why not reduce staff attrition rates whilst increasing engagement and success rates and enhancing customer experience?

These multiple channels include telephone, email, web chat, social media and SMS text messaging to name a few.

As a Mitel partner, you will benefit from:

  • Saving time and money by reducing manual processes
  • Increased talk time and productivity
  • Better connectivity and staff knowledge sharing
  • Increased employee engagement, building a positive service climate.

Let us show you how our call handling solutions can benefit your company today.



Your staff will have access to all knowledge of previous client communication. Whether this includes previous account calls, inbound customer calls or emails, the initial contact that your customers make with your agents is critical for repeat business and client recommendations going forward.


Choosing to host your telecoms server remotely means no maintenance costs and no in-house support staff needed. All software updates are done automatically and resilience is built in through backing up automatically to a secondary location, and no capital expenditure requirement.


Enable supervisors to have a dashboard infront of them with all your key performance indicators lit in a simple colour coded alert system designed together. Key decisions can be made real-time by watching live information to ensure your customers receive the best possible engagement with your organisation.


We can automatically measure the best success through Call Centre Dashboard KPIs, call recordings, successful employee activity, average call length and employee scoring. We then intelligently route inbound calls based on highest quality skills. Imagine if you could take your best employee and clone them! We can help you do this.


Achieve maximum return in weeks through innovative Contact Centre Call Handling Applications

Request a demo today, to see for yourself.

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    • ?What makes Matrix247 really stand out is the working relationship that we have got. They have spent a lot of time understanding what we need by speaking to us, meeting with us and also looking at the issues that we faced in a go live scenario and ensuring the whole contact centre telephony solution fit for us.?


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    • ?At a time of increasing customer expectation, Matrix247 have given us a telecoms solution that enables seamless customer-focused call handling, giving the firm a real competitive advantage. And we?re saving money in the process!?


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    What’s the process?

    Once you have made an initial enquiry, our process is very straight forward:

    • We will visit your company in order to meet with key members of your team, helping us to gain a full understanding of your existing processes, how you analyse the current performance of your staff and to obtain knowledge on your customer base.
    • A clear, current customer journey will then be mapped in order to provide you with solutions to help better this process to enhance customer engagement going forward.
    • Once a solution has been agreed, we will develop and install your bespoke software.
    • We share connections to provide a larger and more positive business network, resulting in potential clients for you.
    • We measure results in order to continue improving your processes and customer experience, with the aim to achieve maximum success and fast return on investment for you.

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